REVEALED: Why High Court Adjourned Ruling on MP Ariko Case


By John Ogulei




The High Court in Soroti on Friday Morning 5th March 2021 adjourned the ruling of a legal review case filed by Soroti Municipality to Wednesday 10th March 2021


The Soroti High Court Judge Justice Wilson Musalu Musene through the Soroti High Court Clerk informed the fully packed High Court hall that the ruling will not be delivered today.


Quoting his own words the Court clerk told the gathering that the ruling of Case No.03/2021 will not be delivered today Friday but next week 10th March 2021.


“Good Morning Members, as expected the ruling of the case No.03/2021 will not take place, the Judge is still finalizing with the ruling,” the clerk told the court.


He further added that, “The ruling will be delivered on Wednesday next week 10th/March/2021.


This website has exclusively learnt that the ruling of the case filed by Hon. Herbert Edmund Ariko against Robert Onanyang, Erienju Stephen, Eselu Stephen, Omoding Brian, Michael Enyau and the Electoral Commission hit a snag on Friday morning because the Judge was still going through the submitted affidavits.


It must be understood that during the 2nd March 2021 Court hearing, counsel Phiona Miremebe of the five respondents did not file her submissions in court, a thing that would have enabled the Judge to examine the submissions within the shortest time possible and have the ruling delivered in time.


She asked the court to allow her time to file a written submission but Justice Musalu refused to grant her plea of filling written submissions as compared to oral submissions.


Miremebe who was short of words then asked the Judge to base his judgment/ruling on the affidavit by the newly elected Soroti District LCV boss, Simon Peter Edoru Ekuu.


Whereas hundreds of Soroti Voters are terming the decision by the Judge as a delay of justice, legal mindsets say it is one of the processes in courts of law that allow judges to scrutinize both sides of the case and come up with a clear judgment on the matter.




In 26th November 2020, the Soroti High Judge Justice Musalu Musene ruled that the two Wards of Opiyai and Aloet be in Soroti City West a decision that forced the Soroti Municipality MP Ariko Herbert Edmund to run to court to seek legal review over the matter.


The case was first heard on the 2nd of March 2021 with its ruling expected today March 5, 2021 but has been pushed to 10th March 2021.


MP Ariko in his suit contends that the two Wards were his strongholds and that annexing them to Soroti City West made him lose to MP elect, Moses Okia Attan in the recently concluded polls. Ariko lost to Attan after he managed to poll 7,167 votes against 7,606 polled by Attan.

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