Teso Political Leaders Castigate ICU for Being Corrupt


By John Ogulei







Several Elected Leaders in Teso sub region have today 13th March 2021 snubbed the meeting organized by the Iteso Cultural Union Leader.



His highness Emorimor Augustine Osuban Lemukol had called for a consultative meeting with Teso political and cultural leaders in order to foster Teso’s development agenda among others.



Teso sub region has over 35 members of parliament but only Twelve Members of Parliament were present.



Those present include; Hellen Adoa Abeku Woman Mp Serere, Patrick Okabe Mp Serere County, Elijah Okupa Mp Kasilo, Stella Isodo Ngora district Woman Mp, Abraham Isamat Kapir County, Johnathan Ebwalu Soroti City West, Attan Moses Okia Soroti City East and Joan Achom Alobo woman Mp Soroti City.



Others include; Silas Aogon MP Kumi Municipality, Richard Oseku Kibale County, Patrick Isiagi Kachumbala county and Tom Julius Ekudo for Gweri County.



Paul Sande Emolot the chairperson Iteso Cultural Union Council, asked all Iteso to unite and ask President Museveni to appoint Iteso to bigger positions.




“Teso voted for yellow, let’s have time to meet together and ask President Museveni to appoint our own also to bigger positions,” Emolot said.



During the meeting Emorimor called for unity amongst Teso leaders saying people of Teso must unite to Foster change and development amongst Iteso.



Emorimor who also spoke at length asked for more appointments of Iteso to higher government positions saying it’s one of the avenues to bring change to the region.



But while giving his submission, Patrick Okabe the chairperson Teso Parliamentary Group said in defense of leaders that most Teso leaders were not given invitations.



“Even me I came here without invitation. Most people were not invited,” he said.



He added that the problem with Iteso Cultural Union is that it is politically driven and revealed that Teso Mps have lost love for ICU because ICU is full of conmen.


“ICU needs to clean itself before calling us for support. All TPG members can decide to pay each one million towards support of ICU,” said Okabe.






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