Thigh Vendors Flee After Gruesome Murder of Client


By Solomon Hamala




Iganga thigh vendors have fled their operating premises following the gruesome murder of one of their customers.


The 30 year old Tembo Steel company employee, Obita Moses, was killed early yesterday morning just outside Shooters Pub along Iganga Mbale Highway.


Obita who is also said to have won 1.5m shillings bet the day he was murdered was a customer at Shooters Pub.



Obita is suspected to have been murdered by goons, who are suspected to have been tipped by the thigh vendor he spent the night with.


Police arrested one bartender and thigh vendors have since fled their operating premises.


Customers have been seen wandering up and down in search of their services but in vain.


“We can’t find any yet we badly need them,” some of the customers were heard complaining in the corridors.


OC CID Iganga, Aguti noted that the hunt for the sex worker with whom Obita spent the night with is on.


Their customers suspect this is what has kept them in seclusion since the incident.

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