Tanzania’s Magufuli Confirmed Dead

By Markson Omagor




Sad news about the death of Tanzania’s President has been confirmed by the Nation’s Vice President.


Announcing the death, the Vice President told BBC that the anti- Covid 19 crusader has succumbed to what he called heart complications.


Magufuli who has been missing in action for two weeks had been reported suffering from Covid-19. Reports were awash that the Tanzanian strong man had been taken ill first to a Nairobi hospital and then to India in a coma.


All this time, the Tanzanian authorities denied the reports insisting the President was okay and carrying out his duties normally.

“Our President has died of heart complications which he has had for the last ten years,” the Vice President said in a statement.


The Vice President also declared 14 days of national mourning with the national flag flying at half mast.

The details of when and where John Pombe Magufuli died from have not been revealed.

Magufuli was the only East African President who downplayed Covid-19 insisting it was not a threat.

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