Fallen Lawyer, Bob Kasango Burial to Be Decided By Court

By Markson Omagor




Controversial in life, controversial in death. This best explains the life, death and now burial of fallen Bob Kasango, a renowned Kampala lawyer.


Kasango who died on the 27th February 2021 at Murchison Bay, Luziira Prisons is yet to buried after a bitter disagreement between his mother, Rosie Kabise and wife Nice Bitarabeho Kasango.


Whereas, the wife wants her husband buried in Gweri village, Burahya County, Fort Portal City in Kabarole district where they purchased land and built, the mother insists her son should be buried at his ancestral home in Tororo district.


Police was forced to stop either party from burying Kasango after the Tororo group attempted to forcefully carry the body to Tororo and asked the two warring parties to agree on a common position.


The latest information reaching this desk is that the differences between mother and daughter in-law are irreconcilable. The widow has now run to court to authorize her to bury her husband and restrain the mother from interfering in her burial arrangements.


The Notice of Motion filed on Monday 15th March 19, 2021 at Family Division in the High Court Kampala indicates that the petition will be heard on 23rd March 19, 2021.


“An order be issued authorizing the Applicant (widow) to bury the body of her late husband, the late Robert Aldridge Kasango in Gweri village, Burahya County, Fort Portal City in Kabarole district,” reads part of the petition.



Some of the grounds of the petition are that Nice is a widow to the late Bob Kasango and that the couple was blessed with three children named as Samora Kasango, Stephanie Kasango and Ivana Kasango.


The widow also argues that they acquired property at Fort Portal and developed it as their matrimonial home. Going by the actions of the widow, Kasango was not close to his family members and could have made a death wish to be buried in Fort Portal.



In fact at the start of this debacle, the widow stated that the deceased willed that he should be buried at his own home in Fort Portal. Some of the in-laws said all efforts would be applied to ensure Kasango is buried in his land in Fort Portal.

However, James Kasango, who said he was the deceased’s elder brother said burying Kasango in Tooro was disrespectful and tantamount to lowering their dignity. They insisted that Kasango’s body was going to be taken to their ancestral home at Wikusi village, West Budama Constituency, in Tororo district.



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