Mbale City Authorities Fire Workers for Speaking To Media


By Wetondo Denis Julius




Over ten street cleaners at Industrial City Division in Mbale City have been fired for allegedly speaking to the Media about their salary grievances.


Last two month, a section of aggrieved Mbale city cleaners addressed the media revealing that they had gone for nine months without pay yet they have lots of responsibilities.


While speaking to our reporter in an exclusive interview yesterday, 23rd March 2021, some of the victims who preferred anonymity said they were sacked by their supervisor, Fazali  Umaru Mukisa  after getting orders from  Robert Wambende, the Senior Assistant Town Clerk of Industrial City Division.


They added that Mukisa terminated them from duty claiming he got orders from above because the workers had put Mbale city affaires in the media.


However, Mukisa denied sacking any worker for reveling delay of salary payments issues in the media.


“Those workers were terminated being incompetent in terms of delaying to report at work in time as agreed and absenteeism,” he said.


Meanwhile, Robert Wambende, the Senior Assistant Town Clerk at Industrial city division denied any knowledge of the sacking of workers.


He also blamed causal workers for always going to the media to address their problems rather than going to his office. He said such behavior is tarnishing the image of the city to the public yet it’s still young.


Wambende also urged the affected workers to go to his office and they find ways of having them back on duty.


Mbale city has a total of 73 cleaners who have gone for now nine months without pay earning 90,000/= as salary monthly.


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