Uganda Musicians Association Partners Microfinance Bank for Easy Loans


By Judith Nasenya




Uganda Musicians’ Association (UMA) has partnered with Microfinance Bank to help finance Musicians and Artistes.


Speaking on a local Television yesterday 25th March, 2021, Cindy Sanyu, the Vice President of UMA said that UMA is there to bring musicians or artists together. She explained that back in the days, they had challenges in bringing artists together like those from far places like, Arua, Soroti, who complained that they are neglected but they had no way of approaching them.


“We are happy that we have joined Microfinance Support Center which is going to help us reach out to every artist in every part of Uganda and that will help us plan as an Association of UMA,” Cindy Sanyu said.


She also added that they wanted to reach out to all the artists no matter the caliber to enable them as a team to register every artist under UMA in order to void very many voices speaking for them.


“I would like to inform most especially those of Microfinance Support Center that UMA is the only association which registers an artist as person but not as a Company. When UMA wants to talk to a particular artist, it calls that artist but not the manager,” She emphasized.


The Microfinance Bank has promised to fund UMA as an association which in turn will help bail out struggling Artistes.


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