Lift Ban on Children Going to Churches – Archbishop Kaziimba to Government

By John Ogulei




The Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Uganda, His Grace Stephen Kaziimba has asked government to lift the restriction on children going to church.


In his Easter Address, Archbishop Kaziimba says that, just as children are returning to school, the church is also very ready to receive children for only one hour per week in an organized way that upholds the SOPs.


“I still encourage everyone to worship daily at home, even if you are going to church each Sunday. Family worship is essential in sustaining our faith and in raising children to know and love the Lord,” he appealed.


He added that the greatest force on earth is death itself and could not hold Jesus down.  Adding that many people are still struggling to find how to survive but encourages them to remember that because Jesus lives, we can face tomorrow.


“We are grateful that some of the youth who mysteriously disappeared have been found and reunited with their families. We are also aware that there are still others who have not yet been found. We stand with you in your grief and confusion. But, take heart. God knows every hair on their heads. And, because he lives, we can face tomorrow,” added Kaziimba.


He has also appealed to the government to follow through with its commitment to find those who have been abducted and return them to their families.


He also took a swipe at parents who have defiled their daughters saying it’s a discouraging practice.


“There are fathers, uncles, and cousin brothers in our families who have defiled their daughters and sisters and impregnated them. This is one of the most discouraging pieces of news I’ve heard in a long time. To those girls, who are now mothers, as a church, we want you to know that we love you because God loves you, and he loves your baby. Always remember, because he lives, you can face tomorrow,” noted Kaziimba


“Fathers and uncles and brothers are supposed to protect our daughters and sisters, not abuse them. This is the way of the Bible, but it is also our culture. This collapse of our families is why I have repeatedly called us to consider how to support the Boy Child. Local churches and communities need to take initiatives and not wait for some program to reach your village,” Kaziimba Advised.

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