Motivational Speech of the Week


By Judith Nasenya



In 1896, Thomas Edison, the great inventor who invented the electric bulb, was working on an idea to design a car when he heard that a young man who worked in his company had created an experimental car.


Edison met the young man at his company’s party in New York and interviewed him about the car. He was impressed.


He had the same idea as the young man but he was considering electricity as the power source while the young man used a gasoline engine to power the car.


He slammed his fist down and shouted ‘’young man, that is the thing, you have it, I think you are onto something, I encourage you to continue your pursuits.’’


With these words of encouragement from the most highly respected inventor in the United States at that time, Henry Ford continued his work, invented a car and became wealthy.


On December 9th 1914, Thomas Edison’s laboratory got burnt. He was 67 years old and the damage was too extensive for insurance cover.

Before the ashes were cold, Henry Ford handed Edison a cheque of 750,000 dollars with a note saying that Edison could have more if he needed it.


In 1916, Henry Ford relocated his home to the building next to Edison’s home and when Edison couldn’t walk and was confined to a wheelchair by the doctors; Henry Ford also bought himself a wheelchair so that they could run a wheel chair race with his friend and mantel.


Thomas Edison made Henry Ford believe in himself and got a friend for life.

Moral of the Story


Don’t ever be jealous of other people’s success. If you can’t win a race, help the person in front of you to break the record.

Putting out the candle light of your neighbor in the dark will never increase the brightness of yours.

Your candle will not lose its light when it lights up another candle. Getting the job done is more important than who gets the glory.

Be inspired, speak positively into someone’s life today, and possibly save a soul.

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