MULAGO: Blood Clot Caused Archbishop Lwanga’s Death

"Lwanga succumbed to Ischemic heart disease"

By Markson Omagor


(From Agencies)


President Museveni arrives at Kololo Independence Grounds for a state funeral for fallen Arch Bishop Cyprian Lwanga

The late Archbishop of Kampala Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga succumbed to Ischemic heart disease following coronary heart thrombosis, according to a post-mortem report from Mulago national referral hospital.


“This means a heart attack that is due to a blood clot that was found inside the artery that supplies blood to the heart,” Dr Andrew Ssekitoleko, the prelate’s personal physician said through a report explaining the cleric’s tragic demise.


In a statement read to mourners yesterday 5th March, 2021 in Rubaga Cathedral in Kampala, Dr Ssekitoleko- who also was the first doctor at the death scene told the congregation that the condition kills within a space of 3-5 minutes.


“When I found His Grace (Dr Lwanga), there was no sign that he had struggled,” Dr Ssekitoleko added.


According to Dr Ssekitoleko, the post-mortem was carried out at Mulago hospital mortuary by at least four senior pathologists in the presence of four witnesses; two of whom were representatives of the family and two physicians delegated by the church.


The post-mortem report read in Church Monday afternoon further revealed that Dr Lwanga had a history of heart complications.

State funeral


Dr Lwanga who was pronounced dead on Saturday at 9:08am, less than 24 hours after celebrating the traditional “Way of the cross” that precedes Easter Sunday is being accorded a state funeral at Kololo Independence grounds today 6th March 2021.


While mourning the fallen Cleric, Museveni said he met Lwanga in Luweero.


“When Lwanga became bishop of Kasana-Luweero one of the things I appreciated about him was microfinance project called Twekembe which he started with his own salary. It’s now a big microfinance project involving many people,” President Museveni said.

“Secondly, Archbishop Lwanga was part of our Bayekera (guerrilla) sympathizers. He didn’t shoot guns but I’m sure they (religious leaders) prayed for us. They were with cardinal Nsubuga, Bishop Yokana Mukasa and Muslim leaders like Prince Badru Kakungulu,” President Museveni added.


He also said it was important to accord religious leaders state funerals.

“As part of building your national culture, it’s not only proper to honour the political leaders and the traditional leaders but also the church leaders.”


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