No Consensus, No Umkhuka III – Gov’t Warns Bamasaaba Warring Factions

By Markson Omagor




Government has warned the warring factions in the Bamasaaba Cultural Institution that without consensus among them, none of the two claimants will receive its recognition.


In a letter dated 6th April 2021 and addressed to both Amram John Wegabyalire and Jude Mike Mudoma, the Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development, Frank Tumwebaze made it clear that without consensus none of the two will be gazzetted.

Mike Mudoma being installed on Saturday 21st November 2020 at Sports Club in Mbale City

Amram Wegabyarile and Jude Mudoma are the claimants to the Umkhukha III seat after the term of former Cultural leader, Bob Mushikori ended last year. Mushikori also later died before officially handing over the seat to his successor.

The John Amulamu Wagabyalile Umkhuka faction has written to the Ministry of Culture

“In view of the continued conflict and disagreement on the legitimate Cultural Leader of Inzu Ya Masaba, I will not publish in the National Gazzette as required by law any person as the cultural leader of Inzu Ya Masaba until you provide documentary evidence that both of you have built consensus on who should be the Cultural Leader,” Tumwebaze wrote.


The Minister has consequently advised the two factions to exhaust all avenues of dispute resolution as provided for in the Traditional/ Cultural Leaders Act of 2011 if they fail to build consensus.


The Minister obviously tired of the various installations and petitions for official gazzetting from the two factions warned that any installation of anybody as the Cultural Leader is null and void.


“Any decision on publication in the National Gazzette and the installation of that leader not done in accordance with the Law is null and void, and I advise your both factions to note this and comply,” Tumwebaze warns in a letter that is not far from being a stern warning.


Previous attempts by Local leaders and the Ministry of Culture to reconcile the two factions have not yielded any results.


The Minister’s letter is a follow-up on a statement made by Peace Regis Mutuuzo, the Minister of State for Gender and Culture at St Andrews Cathedral Mbale during the holy mass for the late Bob Mushikori, who was also the outgoing Umkhuka.


Mutuuzo said then that government has not yet gazzetted any of the two rivals for the position of Umkhuka. She also advised the current Prime Minister of the Cultural Institution to care-take until government sorts out the impasse between the Mike Mudoma and Wegabyalile factions.


Later Mutuuzo came back to Mbale and held marathon meetings between the two factions and made a decision that Jude mike Mudoma was the legitimately elected Umkhuka III giving Bamasaaba hope that the saga had finally come to an end.


However, the recent letter only takes the issue back to where it started.


In a tweet following his letter to the two factions Tumwebaze warned all stakeholders to ignore any other speculative reports over the issues.


“Find our latest communication to the relevant stakeholders on the issue of UMUKUKA III . Plz ignore any other speculative reports about this Matter.” He said in the tweet dated 6th April 2021.




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