Don’t Blame Your Impotence on Covid-19 Jabs – Dr. Specioza Kazibwe

By Solomon Hamala




The former Vice President of Uganda, Dr. Wandira Specioza Kazibwe has told Iganga men that Covid-19 vaccine does not cause impotence.


The former Vice President made the remarks yesterday 15th April 2021 in a meeting with the Iganga District Covid Task Force, led by Iganga Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Thomas Matende.


While urging people of Iganga to go for Covid 19 vaccination, Dr. Kazibwe dispelled fears that the vaccines reduce male manpower and causes premature births.


Wandira who had been informed Iganga people had misconceptions about the Covid vaccine, especially about reducing manpower and affecting pregnancies noted that the vaccine does not affect in any way.


“The vaccine does not reduce one’s manpower like people are spreading it. Neither does it affect one’s pregnancy in pregnant women. People spreading the rumour of the vaccine reducing manpower must have had the problem even before vaccination. It is wrong information aimed at discouraging the public from going for vaccination,” she said.



Matende also urged the Iganga people to embrace government programmes.


“We want a healthy population. Let us all go for vaccination,” he said.


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