Muslim Couples Rush to Formalize Marriages to Circumvent Strict Ramadan Rules

By Solomon Hamala




Muslim leaders in Bugiri district are overwhelmed with a huge number of couples seeking to formalize their marriages during this Ramadan season.


The acting district Khadi Bugiri, Sheikh Dawuda Musoga said 234 couples have purchased marriage certificates since the start of the Ramadan season in a bid to legalize their marriages.


Fasting Muslim men are not supposed to eat food to ‘break the fast’ prepared by a woman who is not legally married.


Musoga urged Muslim couples not to wait to the fasting season in order to formalize their marriages (NIKKA) since they would be committing fornication according to the teachings of the Koran.


“It’s not only during Ramadan that we follow the teachings of Islam but make sure that it’s a daily habit because it wouldn’t make sense,” he said.


He said legalizing marriage according to Islamic teaching is cheap compared to other religious faiths since the man hires a Sheikh of his own choice, prepares a simple meal for the few invited guests, and offers a certain amount of money (AMAHARE) as requested by his wife.


“It doesn’t need to sit in meetings to prepare a detailed budget for the ceremony like other religious faiths,” he said.


Musoga however said parents of the woman should be present at the marriage ceremony in order to serve as witnesses in case there is a divorce


“In most cases when there are misunderstandings in a marriage most men demand to be refunded what they gave out during the marriage ceremony,” he said.


The LC 5 chairman Bugiri, Hajji Marijani Azalwa urged Muslims to stick to the teachings of the Islamic faith by avoiding bad habits like drinking alcohol, and fornication even after the fasting season.


Azalwa appealed to Muslims to offer the needy like elderly during the fasting season to ensure they get blessings from the almighty ALLAH.


“Whenever you offer any kind of assistance to a fellow Muslim during the fasting season, you are assured of getting abundant blessings from God,” he said.


Khalid Mugoya, a Muslim in Bugiri Town Council appealed to government extend curfew hours so that the Muslim faithful pray peacefully especially the Taraweya prayers held after 8:00PM daily to avoid being arrested by law enforcement personnel for violation of curfew hours.

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