Soroti Vulnerable Children’s Home Decry Rampant Break-Ins

By Stephen Enatu




The authorities at St. Francis Rehabilitation Center in Pamba Ward, Soroti City West have decried the threat of intruders who break through the fence and vandalize their property.


The matter was raised by Sister Silvia Aketch, the Warden St Francis Rehabilitation Center during the visit by the State Minister for Elderly and Disability on 15th April 2021.


According to Sister Aketch, intruders cut off their fence and made-off with three batteries for the van that transports Mama Kevina bread to the community and other necessities like mattresses for the children.


“The cut fence shows that they enter through that corner after surveying where our security guard is,” she said.


Aketch said that this happens because the home does not have a perimeter wall.


She argued that the center highly needs protection through the construction of a perimeter wall to safeguard the place and the vulnerable children living inside.


The center has a proposed budget of 180,000,000 million to construct an all-round perimeter wall but lacks funding to implement the plan.


Meanwhile, the City Resident District Commissioner Soroti, Robert Adyama said the security issue will be handled by the security committee as soon as possible to secure the place as the plan for the perimeter wall is still pending.


St Francis Rehabilitation Center started the work of reaching out to the marginalized way back in 1969 and was formerly known as Madera Providence home opened by a Mill Hill Priest Rev. Fr. Van Russell.


The Center was started with the main objective of providing residential services to the elderly, the poor and ex-lepers who were shunned by their families and communities.


In 1996, the above categories were phased out and a short term center based rehabilitation service to the children 1-17 years who are physically and mentally challenged started. The center started with 75 residential clients, 40 boys and 35 girls. Since then the number has increased from time to time with beneficiaries being mainly Poliomyelitis, Osteomyelitis, cleft lip, cerebral palsy among others. The Beneficiaries come from Lango Sub Region, Bugishu, Teso and Karamoja.

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