Chelsea, Man City To be Thrown out of Champions League Semi-Finals

By Markson Omagor




Chelsea and Manchester City are most likely going to be thrown out of the Champions League Semi Finals for their involvement in the infamous ‘European Super League.’


Chelsea and Man City are among the six Premier League giants that have signed up to the European Super League expected to take off in August this year. The others are; Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspurs, Manchester United and Liverpool.


The other big names behind the new arrangement are: Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, Atletico Madrid, AC Milan and Inter Milan.


UEFA’s Executive Committee Member, Jesper Moller said last night that they are looking at whether Real Madrid, Manchester City and Chelsea could be banned from this season’s Champions League semi-finals by the end of the week.


Meanwhile, UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin says clubs and players involved in the proposed breakaway Super League could be banned ‘as soon as possible’ from all of its competitions and the Fifa World Cup.


“Decision on throwing Chelsea and Man City out of Champions League semi-finals will happen this week,” Ceferin said.


The news of the new proposed European Super League has caused uproar among leaders and football fans who are now calling owners of the six clubs ‘scavengers.’


Premier League Clubs have excluded the ‘Big 6’ from an emergency meeting today amid rumours they may threaten to ban or deduct points from the ringleaders.


It is reported that the Clubs have signed 23-year contracts with up to £300m handed to them as a signing on fee. Founders categorically deny it is a negotiating tactic but football experts predict the plans could soon fall apart.


Britain’s competitions watchdog is ‘carefully’ looking at the Super League plans to see if it is illegal while Boris Johnson will meet officials from across football today.

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