Iteso To Sue MTN Uganda For Ridiculing the ‘OPOLOT’ Name

"Iteso are not Unskilled servants who cannot afford meals in a hotel"

By John Ogulei




A section of Iteso has threatened to drag MTN Uganda to court for not only using their name without consent but also ridiculing them.


MTN Uganda is currently using the name Opolot in their ongoing MTN Freedom Bundles Promotion.


The revamped MTN Freedom bundle where the name Opolot appears is a data experience for most users who will not need to worry about the data expiring at the end of the day.


A team headed by Charles Opolot who works with Baylor Uganda says that MTN Uganda needs to seek their consent before using their names in their promotion.


According to Opolot, MTN needs to stop ridiculing Iteso.


“MTN Uganda, please be informed that I Opolot the owner of the name you are using in your adverts is taking you to court. Stop ridiculing my people Iteso as unskilled servants who cannot afford a meal in a hotel,” Opolot warned.


“The advert is insulting, humiliating and uninteresting to say the least. We are coming for you without fear,” Opolot added.


Isaac Olupot, a former head of Communications at the defunct Record TV Uganda and former Ngora County contender also castigated MTN Uganda and says that they have now set up a strong legal team to take on MTN Uganda.


“These guys are taking Iteso for granted. Am tired of many non-Iteso friends calling me Opolot. Now this MTN advert also makes it worse where the waiter shouts Opolot; it annoys,” Olupot said.


Olupot has called on Iteso to come together to ask MTN to withdraw the advert, apologize to Iteso and pay a cost for using an Iteso name without consent.


He said that, “We should show them that we are more than porters.”

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