Soroti City Customers Fault UMEME Pre-Paid Billing System

By Steven Enatu




Consumers using prepaid vending electricity system dubbed Yaka in Soroti city have raised complaints of receiving varying units monthly.


Many power consumers like Peter Apodu, a resident of Pamba Ward, Western Division in Soroti City fault the system from the time it was changed saying he keeps getting varying units monthly on the same amount of money he pays.


He said that there was a time he paid 10,000shs and was only given 11 units and another month paying the same amount he was given 16 units but to his dismay, on Sunday the 18th April 2021 he got 3 units after paying 10,000shs.


Samuel Ekabu One of the Yaka consumers who operates a saloon says sometimes he pays less and he is given many units meanwhile if he pays much he is given less.


Ekabu says the previous UMEME meters were better off than the yaka system in terms of payment.


He says now his saloon uses 4 units a day and the systems being digitalized, power goes off anytime even a client is being shaved without notification hence affecting their business.


Meanwhile Simon Tusingwire, the customer service Advisor UMEME branch in Soroti said the situation happens with those customers who had debts in the previous meters.


According to Tusingwire, UMEME also charges a monthly service fee of 3,360shs that some customers do not understand.


He however urged those who are having such complaints to visit their office or call them for explanation.


“Most people who complain even don’t have a yaka account, they complain that the old yaka was better than the new ones, UMEME is becoming expensive, No, No..! Let them come for explanation,” said Tusingwire.


He explains that the variance in units comes when a customer pays for the units at the beginning of the month where a unit is charged at 250shs for the first 15 units and the others at a standard rate for a unit at 750shs.


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