NUP’s Ssegirinya Is Neither Poisoned Nor Very Sick – Ex Lover Goolix

"Ssegirinya is an accomplished actor" says ex-lover

By Judith Nasenya




The National Unity Platform [NUP] diehard Ssegirinya Muhamad’s ex-lover has come out to trash allegations circulating that the embattled honorable is poisoned.


Last week, Ssegirinya was taken to Nairobi for treatment after his health deteriorated while at Kitalya Prison where he had been held for attempting to lead a protest in Kampala.


Before departing for Nairobi on Sunday 18th April 2021, Ssegirinya said that he was being held in solitary confinement.


On Monday 19th April 21, 2021, taking to his social media platform, Mohammad Ssegirinya’s admin noted that his doctors confirmed that the cause of sickness is poison.

“Doctors confirmed Hon Ssegirinya was poisoned.” they posted.


However, yesterday 20th April 2021, Ssegirinya’s ex-lover Goolix trashed the allegations saying Ssegirinya is only acting.


“Am sure Ssegirinya is not very sick as he pretends neither is he poisoned,” Goolix who was being interviewed on Spark TV said before adding that the embattled NUP Die hard only has diarrhea and pus oozing ears.


She also attributed the sickness to depression occasioned by the Court case where he is being accused of forging academic documents.


In an interview that left many wondering whether the Councilor has friends, Goolix also confirmed allegations that the NUP man does not have papers.


“The truth is that Ssegirinya does not have papers,” Goolix said.


Sulaiman Kidandala has filed an election petition in the High Court Kampala challenging Mr Ssegirinya’s victory on grounds that he does not possess the required minimum academic qualification of an MP.


Kidandala alleges that Ssegirinya forged both his O’ Level and A’ Level certificates.

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