Court Dismisses Theft Case Against a Bishop

By John Ogulei




Soroti Grade One Magistrate’s court has dismissed with costs a suit filed against the former Lifeline Ministries Bishop for Teso Sub Region.


The case against Bishop Israel James Tukei was filed by Apostle Julius Peter Oyet in June 2018 faulting him for theft of a church land title.


Oyet and Tukei have been bickering since 2017 when Tukei opted to break away from Lifeline Ministries to start his own Light Resurrection Ministries.


Bishop Tukei and his supporters accuse Apostle Julius Peter Oyet of interfering with the leadership of the church with intentions of grabbing its title.


However on Monday morning, 26th April 2021, the Soroti Grade One Magistrate, His worship Pirimba Emmanuel ruled that the case of theft of property filed by Apostle Oyet lacked satisfactory evidence.


The Magistrate argued that Bishop Tukei had all the rights to remain with the land title till the high court in Soroti disposes the application filed by Christians of Lifeline Ministry against Apostle Oyet.


The Soroti High court is set to start hearing the case filed by Christians of Lifeline asking  court to grant them all rights on the land title where currently Lifeline Ministry Soroti sits.


It must be understood that in 2019 the former Director of Public Prosecution Mike Chibita withdrew the case but was later reinstated in 2020.


Bishop Tukei while giving his remarks after the ruling said he had been declared free by the court.


“I was taken to court by Bishop Julius Peter Oyet that I stole the land title for the Soroti church that I and my Christians built. I give Glory to God who has proved me innocent. Thanks to all of you that prayed with me,” Bishop Tukei said.


A jubilant Tukei also added that, “I was never called to steal land titles; I was only called to preach the gospel of God. I want to advice Apostle Oyet to walk rightly and repent to the Lord otherwise the sword of the Lord will be upon him.”


“My father never taught me to steal Land titles and I have never done so and I will never disappoint my father. I am risen and we are going to defeat the enemies of God’s work, am chosen for the season and to redeem Teso. I will pay the price to see Teso rise and shine. These are the enemies of Teso,” he said.


Andrew Odongo, one of Bishop Tukei’s followers commended God for the ruling.


“This one is a landmark ruling and we thank God for what we have got. Our bishop has been having sleepless nights because of this case and we are happy for it,” Odongo said.


Counsel Agnes Wazemwa who represented Bishop Tukei told the media that, “Whoever has been telling lies about the Bishop has gone with his lies. Bishop Tukei can’t steal a land title. If we had not won here, we were going to appeal.”


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