WE MUST BENEFIT! Katakwi Leaders Speak Out On Ongoing Aerial Mineral Survey

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By Francis Ocen




Katakwi district LCV Chairman, Walter Elakas

Leaders in Katakwi district have spoken out on the current aerial oil and mineral survey being undertaken by government in the District.


Speaking to this reporter in an exclusive interview on Monday 3rd May 2021, Peter Ogwang the Member of Parliament representing Ngariam County and State Minister for ICT said the aim of the survey is to identify places blessed with oil mineral and other minerals.


Ogwang added that the survey is aimed at discovering minerals with high importance like oil and gold.


“Royalties will be paid to the exact owners of land, sub counties and districts, as will be agreed with those who will be extracting the minerals from the ground,” Ogwang revealed.


Ogwang said that, if minerals are discovered in Katakwi district, there will be development.


“Therefore, schools, hospitals, road network infrastructure and air fields, among others will automatically be developed and the district will move to the next level,” he said.


Meanwhile, the Katakwi district LCV Chairman, Walter Elakas Okiring said development will only come if leaders raise their voices as one.


He said Karamoja is still underdeveloped because of lazy and dumb leaders who don’t speak for the local people although the sub region is blessed with vast minerals like, limestone, Gold, marble minerals among others.


“We need leaders who talk for the people and support their move for the right course, not those who look at people extracting minerals and still keep quiet,” Elakas lamented.

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