TOP Minister In Hot Soup for Altering List of NRM Leaders to Attend Museveni Swearing In

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By Markson Omagor




A top Museveni Minister has been accused of altering lists of members who are meant to attend President Museveni’s swearing in ceremony scheduled for 12th May 2021.


A case in point is Luuka district in Busoga sub region where a powerful Minister (Whom we shall not name for obvious reasons) is said to have changed the original list prepared by the Secretary General, Justine Kasuule Lumumba.


Apparently the Movement leadership decided to invite 17 members from each district with 15 coming from the NRM District structures.


In Luuka District, the following are the bonafide members that the Secretary General presented for attendance;


District NRM Chairperson-Meddie Mulumba, Vice Chairperson-Thomas Matende, General Secretary- Baker Luwangula, Treasurer-Sarah Ntumba Namaganda, and Publicity-Ben Kisame. This Executive list makes five (5).


The Other 10 who are representing Leagues are; Elderly-Ngobi Badiru, Women-Esther Mbayo, Youth-Joseph Waiswa, Veterans-Ismail Kawuka, Workers-Ronald Bikumbi.


Others are; Entrepreneurs- Muhamad Bogere, PWD-David Mutalya, Vice Chairman Youth League- Kasango, Chairperson Youth Council- Adonia Mafumo and Vice Chairperson Women League- Mrs. Kitende.


However, this female very powerful Minister originating from the same region forged and presented the following list with five alterations:


Jaberi Nagaya as District Vice Chairperson, Sarah Namaganda as Chairperson Women League, Richard Nyende as General Secretary, Haruna Muzilu as Chairperson Youth Council and Rogers Ntogona as Veterans.


NRM members in Luuka district are now spitting fire promising to weed out the Kawukumi (weevils) in the district. Meanwhile the rightful delegates to the swearing in ceremony who were left out are in tears after they were denied Covid-19 testing and vaccination yesterday 5th May 2021 because their names were not in the list.


“Can you imagine the Chairperson Youth Council, Adonia Mafumo was at the district headquarters for the mandatory Covid-19 test unaware that his position had been sold by this Minister,” a source privy to this information told this website.

When contacted, Mafumo who is now the Deputy Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Mbale district confirmed to this website that indeed his name was replaced.

“It is true my name was replaced with that of Haruna Muzilu, but i did not want to make it an issue,” Mafumo said.


He also revealed that he was informed by the RDC Luuka, Lillian Nakawesi that he had been instructed to replace his name by a higher authority he did not name.

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