InzuYa Masaba General Assembly Approves Mudoma as Umkhuka III


By Weswa Ronnie



Inzu MasabaYa Masaba General Assembly has today approved Jude Mike Mudoma as the new cultural leader after long controversies.

This came after Frank Tumwebaze, the Minister of gender and social development this week on Tuesday ordered the Masaba cultural institution to organize fresh vetting and elections of new Umukuka shortly after perusing their evidence and documents about how Mike Mudoma and John Amuram Wabyalile attained their victories of Bukuka.

While speaking during the approval of Mudoma at Mbale district head offices, Nelson Wedayila the speaker of Masaba cultural institution says that since minister ordered for fresh vetting and elections, they have obeyed.

He adds that yesterday, 6th May 2021, the MasabaYa Culture Council conducted vetting of Mudoma unopposed at Mutufu play ground in Sironko district after Wagabyalile his rival shunning the vetting process.

Wedayila also says that next week on Monday, Mudoma’s name will be presented at ministry of gender for gazettement such that he can attain the office and start work.

Mike Mudoma who was expressed his happiness saying that he is going to aim at uniting all these disunited Bamasaba.

He urged the faction of Wagabyalila to come and work with him such that they can push Bumasaba ahead rather than continuing to bring in conflicts.

//Cue in ………………..Mudoma on election Lum//

However, Geoffrey Wepondi the prime minister of Masaba cultural institution also from Wagabyalila’s camp has described the approval ceremony of Mudoma as drama, shame, null and void.

He adds that during the meeting with the minister Tumwebaze  , he categorically stated that after reviewing the evidence documents from both parties he will advises next step of conducing elections of new cultural leader were by Mudoma’s side has acted contrary.

Wepondi also says that this indicates the faction of Mudoma has defied minister’s directive but called for calm to Bamasaba as they wait for the next reaction of the minster about elections of the new Umukuka.

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