Fire Minister Ecweru – Soroti Diocese Bishop Tells Museveni

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By Steven Enatu




The Church of Uganda Soroti Diocese has asked President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to fire Minister of State for Disaster Preparedness for beating up Men of God.


Rev. Kosea Odongo was responding to news that Musa Ecweru on Saturday 8th May 2021 beat up three reverends at Weera Sub County in Amuria district.


In his words the Bishop said the Minister’s act is not befitting of his title and responsibility.


It’s reported that Minster Ecweru beat up the Priests, and Lay readers. He also chased away the confirmation candidates who were gathered for instruction ahead of the confirmation ceremony at Wera Sub County over the weekend.


According to Bishop Odongo, the Lay readers were planting cassava cuttings given to them by government on the church land.


However, Minister Ecweru with the aid of his guards beat up the lay readers and the priest on allegation that they were planting on his land.


“Government sent us cassava stems and we were planning it on our land, not on the Minister’s land,” Bishop Kosea said.


He added that a Nation like Uganda should never entrust such a person with a ministerial position.


“I have not seen the President of Uganda beating up anybody yet he is the Fountain of Honor, i expect these ministers to learn something from him, I pray the President looks at this case so that it does not stop here just,” he said.


The Bishop said the land in contestation is very far from the reach of Ecweru’s land.


The Bishop added that the land is next to Wera Sub County and there has not been any case from the Sub County against the church over the land. He now wonders how Ecweru comes up claiming the land.


Priest Simon Peter Olato, one of the victims of beatings said they were giving instructions to the young Christians who were supposed to be confirmed and later they used their free time together with learners and other Reverends to plant the cassava cuttings. He says it is at that point that Minister Ecweru came and rushed beating them up without any kind approach.


Another victim, Reverend Benjamin Otasuno of Aten Church of Uganda in Wera Sub County Amuria District was flogged six strokes on the back by the Minister, his head left cracked oozing blood.


“The Minister came and found us planting cassava cuttings but rushed beating us without seeking clarification,” Otasuno said.


Our attempts to reach the Minister were futile as he did not pick our repeated calls on his known number.


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