Kadaga Vs Oulanyah! What CEC Has Decided

By Markson Omagor




The highest decision making organ of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Party sitting at State House Entebbe has taken a decision to send the names of both Rebecca Kadaga and Jacob Oulanyah to the NRM Caucus.


A source that attended the highly billed meeting intimated to this reporter that unlike previous elections where CEC came up with a single position, the NRM candidate for both Speaker of Parliament and Deputy will be decided by a secret vote of members of the NRM Caucus.

NRM Caucus comprises mainly of Members of Parliament subscribing to the NRM Party.


The meeting today voted to send the two names of Kadaga and Oulanyah to the NRM Caucus without further vetting. The Caucus will only vet Candidates for the position of Deputy where there are four known names.


The vetting for Deputy Speaker will take place on 22nd of May. Thereafter, two names will be forwarded to the Caucus.

The meeting confirmed without amendment the NRM parliamentary caucus rules for the elections of speaker and deputy speaker of Parliament.

Further it extended the term of office of the executive committees of all NRM structures, special interest groups and the specially nominated members of CEC for 6 months from 20th May to 20th November.

The meeting was Adjourned to 22nd May when it will vet candidates for office of the speaker and deputy speaker of Parliament and forward their decision to the NRM parliamentary caucus at its first sitting of 23rd May 2021.

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