Anti- Corruption Court finds 3 Officials of UHRC with Case to Answer


By Markson Omagor




The Anti- Corruption Court has ruled that three former officials of the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) have a case to answer in the disappearance of Shs100 million from the Commission.


Giving his ruling on Tuesday 25th May 2021, Justice Lawrence Gidudu said that the director in charge of regional services, Wilfred Asiimwe Muganga, Commission Secretary Patrick Mabiiho Nyakana and accountant Tadeo Wamala have a case to answer.


Gidudu said a prima facie case had been established against the accused that they conspired to defraud government of sh100m.


‘The intention was to exit sh100m from the Government of Uganda. Asiimwe played a role of claimant, Mabiiho played the role of authoriser and final approver, and Wamala initiator of funds routed to private accounts of regional offices. Mabiiho authorised a requisition by Asiimwe and also approved the payments to individuals whose private accounts were put in the payment system by Wamala.


“The result is that the money did not do anything that Asiimwe claimed it was meant for. Without an explanation, it would be legitimate to conclude that the three had a deal,” Gidudu said.


Gidudu ruled that a case had been established by the prosecution that government funds were arbitrarily requisitioned by the three accused persons without the relevant budget and sent to private accounts.


“Where money is sent to private accounts and is not used to do any of the activities mentioned in the requisition, such a payment, unless explained, is prejudicial to the Government of Uganda,” Gidudu said.


Gidudu ruled that as an accountant, Wamala had access to initiation rights in Bank of Uganda payment system. He is, therefore, required to explain why money was sent to private accounts.

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