REVEALED: This Fresh Graduate Was Abandoned At One Year by Parents

By Markson Omagor



Pictures of a young fresh graduate kneeling before an old woman in a market place have gone viral with many thanking the mother for toiling to educate her son.


However, this reporter has information that the young man whose real names are Edward Kasenge, was actually at the market place to thank one of his grandmothers who took care of him from as early as when he was one year old.


Kasenge was abandoned by his mother and father when he was only one year old. His two grandmothers started taking care of him then. He has been through a lot. The grandmothers have been borrowing money from Micro Finance institutions to raise his fees.


One is a food staff vendor at Kitunzi market in Lunguja while another one sells charcoal. They never gave up even when Kasenge failed twice; in O level he was supposed to repeat senior two but was later promoted after the director learnt of his background.


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