Here Is How Gen. Katumba Survived Tuesday’s Assassination Attempt

Compiled By Markson Omagor


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Gen. Katumba Wamala has revealed how he survived the assassination attempt on his life.


Katumba made the revelation yesterday during a vigil of his daughter, Brenda Nantongo, 27, who died in the attack. The other person who died was the driver, Haruna Kayondo.


In his heartrending narrative, Katumba reveals that he survived because the attackers concentrated on the seat behind the driver where unfortunately his daughter occupied.


‘I don’t know if that was God’s plan that Brenda should protect me because when they (assailants) started shooting, it was from the side Brenda was seated.’ Katumba told mourners.


The General who said it took him time to realize they were under attack said immediately it dawned on him that they were being shot at, he took cover inside the car and his daughter fell on him.


‘I heard Brenda shout ‘Jesus’. When she fell on me, I realised she was gone.’


Out of instinct, he unlocked the car door and quickly slid out, landing onto the tarmac. ‘At this time my left arm was in bad shape,’ he said.


“The assailants really had a plan to finish me off, but were repulsed by my bodyguard,” Katumba revealed further.


But even that would not have saved the General if the body guard, Sgt Koboyoit never opened fire at the assailants.


He said many shots were fired at his car and it is a miracle that he and his bodyguard survived to tell their stories.


Katumba, who was Wednesday evening discharged from Medipal Hospital was speaking to mourners who gathered at his home, Najjera in Wakiso district at a vigil of his daughter.


Police have issued hotlines on which anyone with valuable information can lead to the arrest of assassins who shot at the vehicle of outgoing works minister, Gen. Katumba Wamala. The hotlines, which are at Kira road police station, are; 0714667787 and 0714667789.


The release of the hotlines comes beside the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) footage that the police released, and appealed to the public to volunteer information if they can identify any of the suspects who appear in the footage.

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