Covid-19 Claims Life of Bugiri Senior Commercial Officer

By Solomon Hamala

In Bugweri

The district senior commercial officer Bugweri has succumbed to COVID-19 virus while 49 others are admitted at Iganga main hospital after results tested positive.

The deceased Patrick Deebe passed on today  at Iganga main hospital where he has been admitted in the COVID 19 isolation wing.

The widow Jane Namukose said the deceased was rushed to Nakavule hospital after developing severe cough,fever early last week and later underwent tests that proved he was positive to the COVID 19 virus.

The resident district commissioner,  Fred Gulume described the deceased as a hard working person who always ensured he completes all assignments before heading back home daily.

“Its very sad that the district and nation at large will  be  missing
the services of a great young man who was dedicated to fulfilling all
assignments given to him,”he said.

Gulume said the deceased was a focal person in handling the EMYOOGA program aimed at uplifting the house hold incomes of locals.

He said the district COVID 19 task force has ordered all district
employees both technical and political leaders undergo mandatory tests ascertain their  status.

“The entire district headquarters are to also be fumigated to avoid
re-infection since the deceased could have gone into contact with some of his work mates,” he said.

Gulume said since the district lies along the main Busia to Kampala
highway many long distance truck drivers park in busy trading centers
like Idudi,Busowa and Busesa for refreshments a move that’s likely to
expose locals to contracting the deadly COVID 19 virus.

The district health officer Bugweri,D Peter Mwebesa said the number of COVID 19 infections is likely to shoot up excessively in
case locals fail to observe the standard operating procedures like
observing social distances besides wearing face masks while in public.

“People have a belief that face masks are meant for prestige yet it
saves people’s lives “he said.

Mwebesa said security personnel are to be deployed along the three
highways in the district to enforce suspension of movement of public
transport starting tomorrow June 11 ensure locals avoid moving long
distances as directed by the president in a bid to curb the spread of COVID 19 virus.

He urged members of the public to report cases of people suspected to
be having symptoms related to COVID 19 to relevant authorities for
necessary action instead of leaving them within the community since
its likely to spread further infections.

He said majoriy of people have resorted to seeking services of
traditional herbalists upon contracting symptoms similar to COVID 19 virus exposing the lives of locals to contracting infections besides more deaths.

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