Vice President, Teso Ministers Should Thank Me for Their Appointments – FDC’s Amuriat

By John Ogulei



FDC’s Presidential candidate, Patrick Amuriat Oboi waving to supporters in Iganga Municipality where he made a stopover and addressed them

The Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party President and Presidential Flag bearer in the just concluded January 14th polls has said his candidature is the reason Museveni appointed more Iteso to Cabinet.


In yesterday’s 10th June 2021 post, Patrick Oboi Amuriat (POA) said whereas he lost the Presidential race, his candidature has awoken President Museveni and is now courting the sub region.


“I am here in my Ajuket home quietly plotting my next move and will announce it soon. But in the meantime what has happened to the region (Teso) with the recent appointments is my estimation of the meaning of someone from the region challenging Mr. Museveni even if his outright defeat didn’t happen,” Amuriat wrote.

President Museveni early this week announced his cabinet that saw former Education Minister and Katakwi Woman MP, Jessica Alupo (Independent) appointed as Vice President.


Other MPs from Teso who got appointed include, Gen. Jeje Odongo Foreign Affairs Minister, Hellen Adoa State Minister for Fisheries, Opolot Okasai State Minister for Minerals, Musa Francis Ecweru State Minister for Works, Kenneth Ongalo Obore State Minister for Teso Affairs and Peter Ogwang State Minister for Economic Planning under President’s office.


The other appointees for Teso are PPS Kenneth Omona and Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among Annet.


“The Sub region has never heard an opportunity to have over three ministers but my coming paved there way,” Amuriat asserted.



“When I was contemplating contesting as FDC President about 4 years ago many people wrote me off. I kept asking them to watch this space. This happened again when I indicated I would be running for President of Uganda. The contest ended 5 months ago and whichever way it went I am sure the people of Teso can now see what I saw many years ago,” said Amuriat.

Amuriat who is currently in his home village in Ajuket, Kanyum County Kumi District trying to exclude himself from everyone and not expecting visitors for now is quietly plotting his next move that he says he will announce it very soon.


However, Amuriat has challenged serious people of Teso to ask President Museveni to appoint Iteso to big jobs in civil service.


“Any serious observer should now ask Mr. Museveni where are the appointments of top civil servants from the region, the jobs for our educated yet unemployed youth, the heralded compensation of lost livestock perpetually promised to the Teso people at every election is a meaningful demand that should be pursued. I hope the army of new appointees from the region (Vice President, Deputy Speaker, a Cabinet Minister and 6 other Ministers) will not be used as a gimmick to hoodwink Teso and to fight the likes of POA , but as a front for the restoration of a once prosperous region,” Challenged Amuriat.


He advised the newly appointed Minister’s to work towards the benefit of the people Teso.


“I advise them not to turn out to be the same passing wind that we have experienced in the other regions where there has been a windfall of ministerial appointments and nothing to show for that in terms of development,” Amuriat advised.


He also promised that he won’t stop advancing a national agenda beginning from his own backyard (Teso).


Amuriat lost in January polls to Museveni in an embarrassing manner but to political analyst, Moses Ochole, his candidature has made Teso benefit.


“People should not undermine what Amuriat did. If I may ask from time President Museveni came to power who has ever been Vice President coming from Teso? Amuriat’s power had influence in the appointment of the new cabinet,” said Ochole while appearing on a local Radio.


Benson Ekwee Ochen of Public Affairs Centre Uganda also noted that without Amuriat Teso wasn’t going to benefit the way it has benefited.

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