Opposition Chief Whip Opposes Current Covid-19 Lockdown

By Wetondo Denis Julius




The Opposition Chief Whip has condemned government for locking up the country as a result of the resurgent second wave.


John Baptist Nambeshe expressed his displeasure in an exclusive interview with this reporter on Saturday 12th June 2021 in Mbale City.


Nanbeshe said the Lockdown does not offer permanent solution in curbing the rising infections of Covd-19.


He for instance said the closure of schools is a bad mistake which is going to exacerbate the spread of the virus because the disease spreads more in the communities where the school children have been forced to return to.


Instead Nambeshe argues that government should have done massive testing at schools where positive students are quarantined.


He also said government should concentrate on distributing free face masks as it has been promising and stopping boda bodas from operating as the best solutions.


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