NRM Leaders in Pallisa Protest Museveni’s Ministerial Appointments

"We gave you good tubes, where is the Malwa?"

By David Omoding
Disgruntled National Resistance Movement (NRM)Leaders in Pallisa district have accused President Yoweri Museveni of ignoring them in his latest Ministerial appointments.


The leaders say that although the President on 8th June 2021 appointed two people in Bugwere,  the appointment does not merit the people of Pallisa the mother district which gave birth to Kibuku, Butebo and Budaka.

George Omoding Oule, the pallisa NRM district chairperson said that people of pallisa massively voted for Museveni 68.9% that made him to win in all the 277 polling stations across the district that has never been before but instead the president has abandoned them during sharing of the national cake.

According to Oule this has now left leaders disgruntled and at the verge of storming state house in protest on top of hunger strike.

He said pallisa is endowed with experienced and highly educated cadres who are fit to take up the ministerial posts but wonders why the president turned his back on them.

‘’Your excellency in 2021 while in Gogonyo you told us that you  are malwa in the pot and that we should send you good tubes who will be able to suck malwa very well, now we massively voted for you and sent you those good tubes what has gone wrong with them now? Oule asked.

Mr. Oule says since time immemorial pallisa has never got ministerial post not even an RDC, or commissioners like other districts.

He said this must be addressed with the urgency it deserves otherwise it will be a breach of agreement that he made to the pallisa people while canvassing for votes.

Oule vehemently ridiculed the presidents move to employ children of the rich as one way to curb graft saying that it’s not proper for the fountain of honor to take such strides as it will widen the gap between the poor and rich.


The leaders vowed that if the President fails to listen to their pleas they will be left with no option but to defect to the opposition like it’s in Busoga and Buganda.

Hon. Mariam Amoit, the former woman member of parliament pallisa district said pallisa being a cosmopolitan area has peculiar and unique needs that require the minister of the same district to address affirmatively especially the escalating levels of poverty where households survive only on one meal.

Amoit who appealed to the president to meet them said they had anticipated to eat big in the new Cabinet because in the just concluded presidential elections they massively mobilized voters to vote for NRM.

Hajji Edirisa Dumbulu the former NRM chairperson 2001-2016 noted that pallisa has not benefited any big slot ever since NRM took over power.

A retired head teacher, formerly member of UPM laments that they have often sent letters to Museveni but none has been replied.

‘’It’s unfortunate that our efforts have not been recognized as a mother district but all the other small districts have been catered for’’

Ms. Slivia Ariokot the district youth representative said the youth are languishing in abject poverty despite having qualifications.

Imesa Kedi a resident of pallisa town council stressed that President Museveni should be reminded of his pledge to the people of pallisa the time he was hunting for votes where he promised to give jobs to all highly educated graduates.

Iteso Cultural Union Chairperson, Pallisa, Mr. Nicholas Osako says people of pallisa need to be rewarded in juicy positions for muzzling up opposition party’s like NUP and FDC which had threatened Museveni’s vote.

The former Pallisa council chairperson John Micheal Okurut appealed to the president not to underrate the patriotic service they rendered to the party both in service and out of service.




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