Angry LCs Storm Mbale City Council Offices for Non-payment of Their Allowances


By Wetondo Denis Julius  



Mbale city council has been put on spot for not paying LC1 and LC2 chairpersons ex-gratia allowances.

Angry LCs from northern city, industrial city and mbale city stormed mbale city council offices yesterday demanding an explanation as to  why their allowances of 120,000 shillings per year has not been paid to date.

The LCs say that their friends from other areas of mbale district and other places have got their many except them adding that they have been pressing the authorities for an explanation but only to be ignored and told to wait as the money is still being processed by ministry of finance.

However the LCs say this was a well-organized plan by the municipal council authorities to eat their money while hiding in a delaying tactic adding that it is not the first time it has happened.


However the town clerk Paul Batanda admitted that there has been a  delay due to the weaknesses of the officer in charge but promised that the problem would be settled in 48 hours.


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