HARD TIMES! Woman Fakes Own Death to Raise Shs70,000 Medical bills

By Solomon Hamala

A 30 year old woman in Mayue district has faked own death to raise money for hospital bills.

Veronica Makah, a mother of 3 and a resident of Waina viilage in
Baitambogwe sub county, Mayuge district was stuck in Buluba hospital afterbfailing to raise shillings 70,000 to clear the hospital bill.

Veronica’s 2 year old baby had earlier been admitted in the hospital due tobanemia and typhoid. Medics at the facility said they required shs 70,000 to get blood for the ailing baby.

Veronica pleaded with the medics, blood be given to the baby as she
calls home to get the money.

Things however started going bad at the time of discharging the patient when Veronica called the husband who tried looking for the money but in vain. The husband is not working due to the lockdown. Situation tensed as her friends couldn’t help also, and medics couldn’t let her leave the

Veronica then called one of her uncles with whom they agreed to pronouncebher dead so they could collect condolences to raise the money.

The uncle whose names are yet to be identified spread news Veronica had passed on.

Father to Veronica, Ivaibi Makah who was saddened by the news of the sudden death of his daughter organized the funeral and also dug the grave.

He also sent a boda boda to collect Veronica’s body from the hospital, and clear all the required hospital bills to release the body.

Mourners at the funeral were however shocked seeing Veronica being brought back home alive with her baby.

The faint hearted scattered and others fainted in disbelief.

Ivaibi disowned Veronica who he said had done the most shameful and humiliating act.

The LCI Chairperson Waina village, Wairuba Andrew noted that such stuntsbare common especially in such hard times.

He advised locals to engage in animal rearing as such assets can help thembin times of hardship.

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