IGANGA District Health Officials Want Boda bodas Completely Banned

By Solomon Hamala
 The District Health Officer Iganga has asked security to wipe all boda

boda riders off the stages as these are the major carriers and spreaders of the virus in Iganga district.

The DHO Dr Muwanguzi David while speaking to this website noted that these have failed to follow the president’s directives on containing the spread  of the virus and have continued carrying passengers and crossing into other districts.

“These have continued to carry passengers from one district to another, spreading the virus. People they carry don’t even have letters from any of the authorized authorities”, he said.

He also noted that 60% of the Covid-19 patients in Iganga hospital are boda boda riders.

Karim Muluga, the Ass. DHO noted that Iganga has so far registered 12
deaths, and 107 Covid-19 positive tested cases.

“Most of these deaths are people between the ages of 45 and 60”, Muluga said.

He also noted that the office of the DHO has instituted task forces at
village levels to identify Covid-19 cases, and sensitize the populations on how to contain the virus. He however said these lack funds to run the task forces for which he asked the government to intervene.

The LCI Chairperson Bukyaye A, Abudu Lwabi said there is no way the village task forces shall operate without funding.

“I strongly believe government has the funds. Let them disburse them so the task forces can effectively operate”, he said.

Meanwhile, Bugweri district has lost 10 lives and registered 28 Covid-19
positive cases at the district.

The most recent deaths are that of the Headmaster of Nawampendo primary school in Igombe Sub County, Wilson Lukwita and Dubi Patrick, a social worker.

The RDC Gume Balyeino noted that the 28 have been advised to keep home for 14 days to contain the spread.

Kakaire Ronald, the NRM mobiliser Bugweri appealed to the public to keep their masks on and follow the directives on containing the virus.

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