Iganga RDC Defends Boda Boda Operators Against Police Brutality

By Solomon Hamala
The RDC Iganga, Matende Thomas has cautioned the police on beating up boda boda riders and impounding their motorcycles.

Matende while speaking to the media today 23rd June 2021 in a press conference noted that
he has received reports the police are brutalizing boda riders and other motorists, harming their lives.

He also noted that these are impounding motorcycles of those without permits which he said this ain’t the right time for such.

“At this time, people are struggling to find what to eat! Lacking a permit
is not right but this is the only way these people are surviving right
now”, he said adding that this should immediately stop especially if the rider is following the presidential directives on containing the spread of
the virus.

He also noted that these are rubbishing letters from the RDC and LCs, which authorities the president said are some of those that can recommend one to travel.

“Security personnel found or reported beating up riders shall face the law”, he said.

He however also cautioned boda riders on carrying passengers without letters from the authorized authorties and carrying passengers across district borders.

This comes at a time when the police has so far impounded over 200 motorcycles at the different police posts and stations, which the acting DPC said these violated the president’s directives.

Matende also cautioned the Iganga central market vendors on their movements home and back to the market.

“You should either stay in the market or keep home! Else, we shall close the market”, Matende.

Market vendors however say the sanitation in the market is very poor for one to sleep in.

Elvis Tanaziraba the Chairman Iganga central market said for them they are observing the Ministry of Health guidelines on the prevention of the spread of Covid 19 by wearing masks, social distancing,
sorrounding each stall using threads to control direct contact with the customers, and sleeping in the market.

  As a challenge, however,
the chairman said that the market vendors have not yet received the
mosquito nets which were promised to them by the Iganga district health team led by the DHO.
He further noted that Iganga central market lost 3 female market
vendors during the first Covid-19 lockdown as a result of malaria
infection brought about by the lack of mosquito nets. He also said
that the market leaks during rainy season.
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