DOUBLE TRAGEDY! Iganga Hospital now Demands Shs600,000 for Each Covid 19 Body

By Solomon Hamala
There has been a public outcry for intervention to the district authorities in Iganga over the shs 600,000 said to be asked by Iganga hospital for people to receive bodies of their relatives who died of Covid-19 in the facility.

Rumor has circulated on the streets that the hospital attendants are
extorting money from people for their dead bodies.

We have established that this has seen many corpses stuck in the facility as some people have failed to raise the 600,000 for the bodies.

“I lost a brother there. We were asked for 600,000 shillings. We pleaded with the hospital since we did not have the money at the time but they held onto the body saying they wanted the money first”, a source and a victim
that preferred anonymity narrated.

One victim, names withheld, also added that she has been unable to collect the body of her relative who passed on 8 days ago due to lack of money.

“They say if someone dies of Covid-19, that much is a must pay. We are in hard times of the pandemic and people do not have money. District
authorities should come out to help us”, she said.

The assistant DHO Karim Muluya said he was not aware this was going on at the facility.

“We do not have any information that this is happening. But I think if it is, it must be a private arrangement between the hospital and the person who’s lost someone.

But this still is not acceptable and is punishable”, Karim said, adding
that investigations are to be launched into the matter to unearth and wipe out the vice.

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