Soroti Business Community Asks Government to Consider Them for Covid 19 Relief

By Steven Enatu



The business community in Soroti city have raised their voices to the government of Uganda saying that the covid19 relief cash must reach everyone in the sectors that are badly hit across the country.

In his televised address to the nation on the 18th June 2021, President Yoweri Museveni ordered a 42 new lockdown restrictions as cases of covid-19 continue to rise in the country but directed the office of the prime minister to identify the vulnerable people in the communities to benefit from government support.

Following that directive, the office of the prime minister said it will now use mobile money to deliver cash to vulnerable people who are affected by the second Covid-19 lockdown.

In April last year during the first lock-down the government distributed food to the urban poor, majorly in the Kampala Metropolitan area, but a number of eligible people said they didn’t get it and alarms were made across the country.

Martin Olari the driver at special hire park Soroti said they are badly hit in this second wave of lock down however the government seems not to be bothered by their situation. He says most times government effort ends up within Kampala and other areas are ignored

“This lockdown has affected us greatly, the disease is still spreading, no customers and yet we survive hand to mouth also, we hear that government is going to give money but they are not reaching us, we fear they may again end up helping Kampala people only as if its only Kampala that is affected”  he said.

A broker who identified himself only as Martin said sometimes they go back home without a coin in their pocket.


The government covid19 relief cash amounts to beneficiaries is not yet clear but the Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanjah says the government will send money to the vulnerable people and those without phones shall be given voucher cards.


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