Kumam Cultural Leader Elections Suspended Indefinitely

By Steven Enatu



The election of the Kumam speaking tribe cultural leader to be called “WON ATEKERIN” has been called off until further notice.

This follows the surge in covid19 second wave infections that has forced the ministry of health and the President of Uganda H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to announce stringent guidelines that bar people from gathering and traveling among others for 42 days to prevent further spread.

According to the interim Chairperson Kumam Cultural Heritage, Charles Ochen Ebayu, the trend has made them halt the activity of having the cultural leader elected as they observe the standard operating procedures that have been set to prevent further spread of the virus.

The election of the Kumam cultural leader, Won Atekerin- Papa Kumam was first postponed on the 5th of June 2021 over legal challenges.

During that day, it emerged that the steering committee didn’t inform the line minister as per the constitutional requirement and the election was postponed to 16th July 2021.

However with the current situation of second wave of covid19 in the country, the elders have considered canceling the election on the stated date.

Ochen Ebayu noted that they are not going to carry out any activity until the country goes back to the situation that allows them to carry on.

He added that the activity is in line with the interest of people but now life is more important than the election.

“We are not going to carry on with any activity until the lockdown is lifted, the human being’s life is very important. It’s for their interest and if we do it then all people die, our government will not be there. We are very passionate about the development of the clan and will call the executive when the lockdown is lifted then decide when to hold the election” he said.


Robert Ewangu, the Kumam chairperson in charge of constitutional affairs says it’s not possible because the president announced the lockdown that caught them in the middle.

He says the election can only take place if the lockdown is lifted in the country.

He asked people to be patient as they keep safe from the corona virus by observing the standard operating procedures keenly.

“Let’s be patient, I know it hurts but it’s more important to keep safe than having the election now in this situation” he said.

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