Two Covid-19 Patients Successfully Deliver Healthy Children at Soroti Referral Hospital


By John Ogulei



The Soroti Regional Referral Hospital COVID-19 Unit has successfully delivered a second COVID-19 patient within one week.

According to Dr. Wilson Etolu the two deliveries have been conducted in the space of one week and both were transfers from the districts of Kapelebyong and Pallisa.

Dr. Etolu during an interview with our reporter at Soroti Regional Referral Hospital COVID-19 department on Friday afternoon revealed that they managed to deliver the second mother yesterday with help of the nursing assistant attached to the department.

Ezra Mwesigye the nursing assistant attached to Soroti Regional Referral Hospital COVID-19 unit said that on Thursday at 07:00PM they received Malisa Martha who was referred from Pallisa with strong contractions and was expected to undergo caesarian section but they decided to monitor her situation after they realized that she could deliver.

“COVID-19 is not an indication for Caesar and we made a decision to continue to deliver her so she delivered at 01:30 AM,” Said Mwesigye.

Both the Kapelebyong and the Pallisa Deliveries were first deliveries according to Mwesigye.

He added that as a facility they are going to have babies tested for COVID-19 in order to ascertain whether COVID-19 can be transmitted through Placenta.

“We are going to test the two babies to help us in research to know whether the COVID-19 can be transmitted through the Placenta,” Noted Mwesigye.

John Higenyi the husband to the Malisa who delivered her 3 kilograms baby boy and hails from Kibuku District told this reporter at the hospital premises that his wife contracted COVID-19 at the burial of his mother in-law.

“My wife got the virus when she went for the burial of her mother but when she got back home on the 28th/ June/2021, I noticed she developed symptoms of COVID-19 and when we did the test we found that she was COVID-19 positive,” Said Higenyi.

He revealed that upon confirmation of her being positive he was given two references of Mbale Regional Referral Hospital and Soroti Regional Referral Hospital but he decided to bring her to Soroti Regional Referral Hospital.

He said that his decision to bring her to Soroti was due to media reports over the operations of Soroti Medics who he termed as being helpful and are experts in handling such cases.

Both the two newly born babies and their mother are in good condition according to the hospital authorities.

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