Bugiri Mourns Death of Aggrey Awori

By Solomon Hamala
In Bugiri

Residents of Bugiri and the nation ar large are mourning the death of
former ICT minister and veteran politican, Aggrey Siryoli Awori.

Siryoli as he is populary known passed on yesterday at a health
facility in Naalya Kampala.

Residents described the deceased as a kind, intelligent hardworking person who has passed away at a time when the nation deserved him most.

The former mayor Bugiri municipliaty, Luba Bumali described the deceased as a role model who always stood by his words and rejected all forms of corruption while still serving in various positions of government.

“He was a man who always stood by what he said and never wanted to be lured by corrupt people in order to take sides,”he said.

The Member of Parliament, Bugiri Municipality, Hajji Asuman Basalirwa described the deceased as a mentor and father who always inspired him to actively take part in debates within parliament.

“Whenever I could feel there was something I felt was not going on well, I could consult him for advice,”he said.

Basalirwa said the nation and whole world had lost a person when his
services were greatly needed especially as the country is facing the second wave of the COVID 19 pandemic besides hard economic crisis.

“He was in a position to always advise on matters of economy, politicsband any other issue of national importance,”he said.

Abu Magezi, a newspaper vendor in Bugiri municipality described the
deceased as a generous person who always left behind any balance after buying newspapers at the Job less corner along the main highway.

“Whenever he could come all vendors would rush towards his merceds benz car with the aim of selling newspapers knowing the remaining balance would be given back to them,”he said.

The LC 5 chairman Bugiri, Davidson Kasaija urged councilors to consider naming one of the streets in memory of the deceased for the tremendous role he played towards the development of the district.

Kasaija said the deceased being a resident of Bugiri always took time
to visit the district headqauters to officer advise on how they can
manage the affairs besides effective planning in order to provide equtable service to the people.

The deceased who passed on at the age of 82 was a principled person who always handled his programs on appointment and time.

“For the several  times i visitied his expansive  country home in
Buwuni town council I would be offered a chair by one of the house
girls to sit outside one of the tents enable the deceased first finish
reading paragraphs of his novels.” He said.

I would only be allowed in by the house girl after he had assured her
that he was one with the reading.

Siryoli said  during a recent interview that majority of Ugandans and Africans in general were lagging behind in poverty just because they have failed to be principled besides can’t manage time.

The deceased studied at Kings college Budo before enrolling for a
bachelors degree in Journalism at the university of Harvard in the USA
in 1961.

While at the Harvard university Silyoli took part in student politics
and was elected chairperson of the African students association
eastern region branch.

Upon completion of his studies, Silyoli returned back to Uganda and
actively got involved in the political  agitation  of the people besides lobbying for the independce of the country.

He was later appointed the incharge electronics at the  Uganda
television (UTV) a position he served before being briefly detained
during the Idd Amin regime.

Upon his release Silyoli later fled the country into exile to the
neighboring Kenya and acquired a job as journalism lecturer at
the university of Nairobi in Kenya.

Upon the overthrow of Idd Amin, the deceased returned to serve in the
Obote two regime and was appointed ambassador to the USA and later Brussels as ambassador extra ordinary.

In 1987 Silyoli decided to contest for the post of constituent
assembly delegate for Samia Bugwe north a position he served in
different capaicities for three consequntive terms before joining the ruling NRM party.

He had always said he decided to join the movement after realizing its
accommodative of all peoples views,dimensions besides was a party with a clear leadership.

During a recent interview Silyoli said with the current wrangles within the opposition it was unlikely that they will ever rule this country.
“I feel comfortable being in the ruling NRM party because these
members of the opposition don’t have a clear agenda as to why they are in politics,”he said in a recent interview.

May his soul rest in peace.

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