Soroti District Local Government Honours Soroti Hospital Medics

By Steven Enatu



Soroti District Local government in partnership with a former councilor who represented the Asuret Sub County Hon Suzan Agnes Apolot yesterday 6th July 2021 honored their promise towards appreciating hard work exhibited by Soroti Regional referral hospital medics.

A team of medics at Soroti Regional Referral Hospital successfully separated conjoined twins, one of whom had died at birth in March this year.

The twin-girls were delivered at Amuria District Hospital to Joyce Alinga, a- 21- year- old of senior three who conceived during the COVID-19 lockdown.

But moments after the cesarean birth, one of the twins was found dead while the other was alive, prompting medics in Amuria Hospital to refer the children to Soroti Regional Referral Hospital for possible detachment. But the team in Soroti also referred the family to Mulago National Referral Hospital.

Unfortunately the family failed to secure an appointment with medics to carry out an operation on the children, forcing the family to return to Soroti Regional Referral Hospital where a team of medics then had a successful operation.

This attracted the attention of Government and well-wishers and the now out-gunned councilor was one of them.

A team lead by Soroti District Chief Administrative Officer Luke Lokuda and the local council five chairperson Simon Peter Edoru, the former councilor donated a he goat and an envelope of 200,000shs.

Edoru pledged that the District shall always be supportive to the facility at all times.

Dr. Maureen Priscila Amuge, medical officer attached to the department of surgery appreciated the donation saying it will encourage them.

She however asked the community to always help them with spiritual support especially in this time of the corona pandemic by praying for them.


“We received a goat, I know it will be fun today, we are going to have a goat roasting and I hope my colleagues will feel appreciated and recognized by the community” she said.


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