Over 300 Would be Covid Relief Beneficiaries in Iganga to Miss out

By Solomon Hamala

A total of 320 people in Iganga municipality are likely to miss out on payment of the COVID 19 relief fund after submitting in wrong details of their particulars.

Majority of the beneficiaries reportedly submitted in wrong names, besides NIN numbers which don’t correspond with their particulars.

The mayor Iganga municipality, Bamu Lulenzi said the affected people will not receive payment since they are considered ghosts.

Lulenzi said beneficiaries in the affected categories had been asked
to fully cross check with their documents before submission to avoid any mistakes but many simply failed to comply.

“We asked these people to thoroughly verify their documents and telephone numbers to their respective local council officials but many hurriedly sent in without cross checking,”he said.

He said the remaining beneficiaries will have to receive their payment
through mobile money by the close of today to enable them cope with
the current situation by purchasing food items and other necessities.

The town clerk Iganga municipality, Ayoub Kisubi said there was a delay
to submit in a code as required by the ministry of gender so the payment process will be handled effectively today.

Kisubi assured the beneficiaries that they would be receiving their
pay through mobile money today after they submitted in the required

“We apologize for the delay but let me assure all the people who are
eligible to receive the fund that they will be receiving it by the
close of the day,”he said.

He urged all the beneficiaries to utilize the funds effectively
towards purchase of food items and other domestic needs to ensure they make it through the pandemic instead of wasting it on luxuries.

“This fund is meant to assist the vulnerable people during the
pandemic to buy whatever is required to ensure they make it through, “he said.

A group of youths in Kasokoso slums Iganga municipality today
protested the delay by authorities s to submit in names besides being
left out on the list of   COVID 19 relief funds .

The group led by Asuman Banga the youth  councilor  Northern division accused the relevant authorities at Iganga municipality of delaying to submit in particulars of beneficiaries and instead engaged in conflicts with lower local council officials over which category of
people should benefit.

A group of youths in Kasokoso slums that refer to themselves as
Jobless brothers claim they should benefit from the fund though they
don’t belong in any category mentioned among the beneficiaries but thebtown clerk insisted they were not part of the category and are therefore were not beneficiaries.

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