Ayabas! Teso MPs Form Two Parralel Parliamentary Groups


By John Ogulei



The Former Teso Parliamentary Group (TPG) Chairperson who doubles as the Serere County Member of Parliament Bishop Patrick Okabe has broken his silence over the manner under which the Elections for Teso Parliamentary Group were held.

According to Okabe while speaking on Phone to Our reporter, the TPG elections were sham and baseless as most legislators were not allowed to vote by proxy and were not informed.

We have since established that all Old Teso MPs have denounced Okiror as their chairman and have vowed to work closely with Okabe as their leader.

“Okiror is with his new team now they’re the Vice President and the Old MPs have refused to join them because they haven’t recognized the TPG elections as official. The TPG of Okiror is going to collapse,“said Okabe.

Okabe at length added that the decision by the Old Teso MPs to denounce Okiror’s leadership was reached after they realized that Okiror was not as influential as Okabe and would not represent their ideas in a perfect manner.

“They were not informed at all and the elections took them by surprise and for me I took it for granted and I didn’t even mobilize people. When we tried to say that those people who were not around should vote via online they refused because they were more in the room than us,” Okabe noted.

/////////////Okabe on Elections

He noted that as old MPs they have agreed to continue with their pursuit to serve the people of Teso.

“We have agreed to continue with ours as we watch them. Because for us we shall have more influence on Teso Affairs. What I need to inform you is that apart from the Vice President all the Teso Ministers are on my side,” Okabe revealed.

He also noted that most New MPs who are siding with Okiror didn’t vote for because he made them pay each two Million Shillings as partial contribution to help improve on the COVID-19 Unit at Soroti Regional Referral Hospital.

“They are not happy that I made them to pay two million shillings when they had just entered Parliament,” He added

//////////////////Okabe on Two Million

Okabe lost to Okiror on the TPG polls held on Tuesday 13th July 2021 with one vote margin after Okiror Polling 15 and Okabe 14 votes.

It must be noted that only 29 out of the 42 MPs voted for the TPG Chairperson.

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