REVEALED: How MP Okabe Lost TPG Leadership


By Our Reporter



The Serere County Member of Parliament Patrick Okabe lost his Teso Parliamentary Group Leadership on Tuesday 13th July 2021 polls to Bosco Okiror of Usuk County.

Okabe lost with one vote to Okiror after he got 14 votes against 15 votes gunned by Okiror.

Our knowledgeable sources at Teso Parliamentary Group have informed us that Okabe who has been holding the Position of the chairperson for the last five years was overthrown by the powerful Teso politicians.

According to the Source, MP Okiror had no intentions of contesting but was pushed after they realized that their favorite candidate MP Esenu Anthony of Kapelebyong had been tainted because of his previous actions.

“Okabe was too confident that Esenu Anthony would not defeat him because Pilgrim had tainted his name and image but Okiror was pushed to declare his intentions a night to elections forcing most MPs to view him as an alternative,” The Source intimated.

“They realized Esenu would not manage Okabe and they went to the drawing board and brought Okiror,” The Source further added.

The website has also established that elections of TPG were done in a hurried manner in order to take Okabe by storm.

“Voting was not allowed by proxy nor on Zoom making it hard for the old friends Okabe had built over the 5 years to vote,” One legislator who never wanted to be named revealed.

The legislator also revealed that most newly elected Members of Parliament ganged up against MP Okabe a night before elections and declared that they were going to offer support to Okiror.

“Some MPs got to know about the election after the voting as information was not given in advance. Some MPs were caught off guard during the busiest day since Parliament was opening after it was given two weeks due to overwhelming COVID-19 in Parliament,” Added a source.

Out of close to 40 legislators who were meant to vote only 29 voted according to the tallied results.

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