TASO Trashes SOROTI CDO Report on Teenage HIV Lockdown Infections

By Robert Edwomu
TASO Soroti has disputed figures the Soroti District Community Officer presented to a parliamentary delegation indicating that at least 1414 teenagers had contracted AIDS since first lockdown.
This is contained in a detailed data that The Aids Support Organisation soroti has released of the clients who tested Positive for HIV from January 2020- June -2021.
Gregory Peter Okiira Ejautene the Communication, Policy and Public Relations Specialist
Soroti Region Project says the data on HIV positive individuals released is across all the age groups in Soroti District for the period January 2020 to June 2021.
He says the total figures they have across all age mates in the district stand at one thousand five hundred ninety seven (1,597) clients who are under going treatment.
In this data the teenagers, who are ages 13 to 19 years are in the brackets of 10-14 and 15-19 years are only 111(one hundred eleven).
The teenagers statistics here is contrary to what the community Development Office Soroti Presented to the parliament covid-19 task force when they visited Soroti regional referral Hospital.
Although she was not a medical personnel but at time she was asked to present report to the team she read that 1,414 teenagers tested positive.
Okiira disputes the and acknowledges that the HIV Positive individuals newly identified in Soroti district from January 2020 – June 2021 stand below.
The source of this information is Ministry of Health District Health Information System 2 (DHIS2).
Row Labels  Female  Male   Grand Total
<1Yr          4      2       6
1-4Yrs       10   15      25
5-9Yrs        8   15      23
10-14Yrs    12     9      21
15-19Yrs    72    18    90
20-24Yrs    253  40   293
25-29Yrs    241  87   328
30-34Yrs    144 122  266
35-39Yrs    110  80   190
40-44Yrs    69    73   142
45-49Yrs    43   42   85
50+Yrs       62 66   128
Grand Total   1028  569  1597
Okiira acknowledges that TASO is committed to have publics well motivated to continue working together to accelerate the end of HIV epidemic as well as stay alive and positive during this COVID 19 pandemic.
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