LOCKDOWN IMPACT: How the Wakanda DJs Are Making Money Outside the Mic

By Nathan Eyagu




Dj Ivande and Dj Mato of the Galaxy Events and Wakanda entertainment in soroti city have found a way around the financial effects of continued lockdown of entertainment Industry.


The duo has ventured into rearing rabbits as a side hustle investment following the financial constraints that have affected them following the long lockdown that has left the bars, clubs and shows where they used to play music from suspended.


While speaking to our reporter, Dj Ivande said that they sat down and thought of different hustles that they could invest in with the little money that they had saved and found rearing rabbits the most viable.


‘’We started the business some two months ago where we bought about four pairs of rabbits at the cost of 35,000= per pair that we reared in my home village of Ajera, Obule, Asuret sub county in soroti district where they reproduced to the tune of more than 60 rabbits’’ Dj Ivande said.


‘’We started selling the mature rabbits in pairs to the community around at the cost of 30,000= per pair which helped us financially,’’ he added.


Dj Mato also added that although they have signed a contract with Sun City Amazement Park in Soroti City, it did not stop them from having another side business that has put them in another level during the lock down.

‘’We advise other fellow Djs and singers not to fear doing side hustle as it is the only way to enable them move forward. We are not so sure of the day government will relax the lock down and open up clubs, bars and allow shows to start off again,’’ Dj Mato said.

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