Soroti Emyooga Fraudster Finally Nabbed

By Robert Edwomu and John Ogulei
A week after this website exclusively published an article on how the Finance Trust Bank Officials and Soroti District Commercial Officer allegedly connived with a Fraudster to withdraw over 55 Million Uganda Shillings from Emyooga Accounts, Soroti Police has finally arrested the a fore mentioned fraudster in our article.
The Emyooga Fraudster, Moses Okiring Ebaku that tormented three Emyooga groups in Gweri County Soroti district was on Sunday night arrested.
Okiring was arrested in Oderai Ward, Soroti City West at around 21:30 hours while in hiding by a joint security team led by the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Soroti, Patrick Okumu after weeks of a cat and mouth game with the police.
Okiring withdrew money from bank accounts of Gweri County Women Entrepreneurs, Gweri Boda-Boda Operators and Gweri Taxi Savings and Credit Cooperative Society Emyooga groups.
Okiring is accused among others of withdrawing shs.7.4 million from Gweri County Women Entrepreneurs SACCO before he also pocketed 4.1million shillings that the group entrusted him with to deposit to the savings account.
He has also been accused of getting funds worth shillings 17.5 million from Boda-Boda Operators SACCO after he fooled all group members of the Boda-Boda Association to photocopy each 10 copies of their National Identity Cards and sign.
Okiring, a resident of Abelet Village, Onyamai Parish, Gweri Sub County in Soroti District has been on the run after this website published a detailed report on how he smartly managed to withdraw money from different bank accounts without any body noticing his deeds.
The evidence also indicated that the suspect withdrew shillings 28 Million from Gweri Taxi Operators Savings and Credit Cooperative Society after he duped the bank to believe that the group changed signatories to the Bank Account.
Police in Soroti had opened the following general inquiry files against Emyooga Funds theft. GIF/16/2021 for Women Entrepreneur SACCO, GIF/23/2021 for Boda-Boda Operators and GIF/24/2021 for Taxi Operators.
Some of the Bank officials, the Customer Relations Officer, Account and Teller who allegedly connived with the suspect have also recorded statements.
Okumu confirmed the arrest adding that the suspect was a tactical man that used different strategies to beat security surveillance.
Okumu also revealed that some of the complaining SACCO Executive members were also arrested and released on police bond because they were feeding security with false information.
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