Another Serere MP Uses Part of His Salary to Secure Ambulance for Voters

By John Ogulei




The National Resistance Movement (NRM) Party Member of Parliament for Pingire County in Serere district has decided to use part of his salary to secure a state of the art ambulance for his electorates.


Fred Opolot, who happens to be the former Executive Director of Uganda Media Centre made the revelation while speaking to Media at his Country Home in Pingire County yesterday 24the August 2021.


Opolot said he was compelled to acquire the ambulance following numerous calls from the residents across the county in need of transport to evacuate their loved ones to hospital within the district or to Soroti.


“Having learnt that all the Government Ambulances in the District are non-functional, I have decided to secure an ambulance for my voters using my salary,” said Opolot.


Whereas it’s not the role of Members of Parliament to buy ambulances to the voters but rather legislate on the betterment of services in the Country, Opolot says both service delivery and legislation are important in helping rescue the situation.


“I have to represent the common people and I am ready to help whoever is in need, a lot of expectant mothers die in villages because they don’t have transport to hospitals,” Opolot said.


Opolot’s ambulance comes at a time another area legislator for Serere County, Bishop Patrick Okabe donating two ambulances to his constituency.


The ambulance will serve all people despite their political affiliations and will be handed to the district once the clearing processes are done, according to Opolot.


“At night, mothers would call me on the phone while others would run to me personally seeking help in terms of transport. I sacrificed to transport such mothers using my own car to health facilities and one time, an expectant mother almost gave birth in my vehicle but immediately after she came out of the car, the mother delivered,” he added.


Has also warned politicians against usurping government roles.


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