Mbale City Authorities Registered 80 Year Old Women as Boda Boda Riders – PAC

By Wetondo Denis Julius




The Public Accounts Committee of Parliament has unearthed irregularities in the way Mbale City Authorities registered beneficiaries of the Covid-19 relief fund disbursed by government recently.


PAC that was in Mbale on Monday and led by Kumi Municipality MP, Silas Aogon discovered that many residents who benefited did not fall among the intended vulnerable categories.


It was discovered that old women were registered among the boda boda riders. Nabutiti rose 68 and Mutonyi Regina were registered as boda boda riders something the committee highly questioned.


Namaisi Adnan, an 86 years old man was registered under musicians and comedians category while a one Mafabi Abassi, a 75 year old man was registered under the food vendors’ category.


It is also alleged that the technical personnel registered their relatives while the City support staff also got the relief.


Tororo Woman Member of Parliament, Sarah Opendi questioned the act of having more support staff of Mbale city receiving the relief more than the vulnerable private school teachers.


“In your report, we see 422 support staff benefited and only 229 teachers got the money, can you explain why this happened?” Opendi asked.


Hon Sarah Opendi also questioned the fact that VHTs were included in the list of beneficiaries arguing that LC1s and VHTs have their special grant from government.


“There was no VHTs in the guidelines, do you mean you created your own guidelines or the ministry sent you special guidelines?” She asked.


Opendi also noted that a big number of people who submitted their names didn’t receive the money on their phones.


“The different categories were identified and asked to produce lists, for example the taxi drivers that we interfaced yesterday said they did submit their list but out of the list they submitted having about 400 members in total, less than six actually received the money,” she noted.


David Kyasanku, the City Clerk Mbale confirmed that they received 305 million shillings and among the beneficiaries, 5612 were from Northern City Division and 3468 were from Industrial City Division.


A total number of 9156 who were termed vulnerable from Mbale city were to benefit from the Nabanja money with 100000 shillings each as relief from the government through office of the prime minister and ministry of gender during the lockdown.

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