Soroti Health Center III Construction to Takeoff After Resolution of Land Dispute

By Robert Edwomu




The construction of Achuna Health Center III found in Tubur Sub County, Soroti District is soon to commence after a land dispute between a resident and community members was amicably resolved yesterday 25th August 2021.


The dispute was between a one Lule and the community of Achuna village –Achuna parish.



Lule had earlier written to the district through the office of the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) protesting any development on the land where he claimed ownership of two acres.


This came after the district approved a 465 million Budget and construction of a health facility in Achuna Sub County.


After reading the letter, the RDC took his plea and pledged to call for the dialogue between Lule and the community to ascertain the real owner of the land, a meeting that was called on Wednesday 25th August 2021.


The disputed land in question is a 5 acre proposed site earmarked for the construction of the Health Center III costing 465 million shillings approved by Soroti district Local Government.


Patrick Okumu, the Resident District Commissioner Soroti says it was a success after Lule and his family members agreed to relinquish an acre of land for the development of the hospital.


Bob Owiny, the district councilor representing Tubur Sub County says even when Lule accepted to give an acre, the district could not still proceed with the construction because government policy states that for such development to take place, there must be at least five acres of land available.


Owiny intimates that for fear of losing the facility, the community relinquished three more acres to make the total amount of land available to 7 acres.


After a successful battle, the RDC, district Representatives, sub county leadership, the community and Lule’s family members participated and witnessed the demarcation of the seven acre land which the hospital is going to sit on.


The community members remained cheering after what looked like a barrier to access to the health services was finally resolved.


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